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Электронные билеты на речные прогулки и круизы

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Tickets for Moscow city river cruises.

River cruises on motor ships along the Moskva River are traditionally very popular with Muscovites and guests of the capital. We all remember the river trams of the "Moscow" project, familiar to us even from films and pictures from childhood. Today the passenger fleet in Moscow can please us both by ordinary pleasure boats, and by pleasure catamarans and even by super modern yachts.

In order not to bother you with a choice where it is better to take a river walk, we will immediately say that it is best to do this in the center of the capital. We picked up on our site the most optimal routes on the best passenger ships.

Route: "Radisson Hotel" (Ukraine) - Gorky Park of Culture " The yachts "Radisson" work on it. You can buy a ticket only for a trip, or you can buy a ticket with included food, lunch or dinner. If you do not want to pay extra, then just buy a trip. In that case, you can stay at the table and look around passing landscapes through the huge glass windows of the yacht, or go out on the deck and enjoy the views from there. The plus of this route is that it operates year-round, 365 days a year. Landing takes place at the quays near the metro station "Kievskaya" or the metro station "Park Kultury" / "Oktyabrskaya".

Route "The Central Line". From the berth "Novospassky", Metro stations "Proletarskaya", "Peasant outpost". The motor ships of the "Moscow" project work on this line, the same ones, from childhood, with an interval of 15-20 minutes, and make short stops at the adjacent berths: "TsPKiO im. Gorky "," Crimean Bridge "," Big Stone Bridge "," Great Ustyinsky Bridge ".

Walk on the catamarans "Snegiri". A novelty in the passenger pleasure fleet of Moscow. This is a completely new project, immediately very well-proven. The route on the Snegiri catamarans runs from the Gorky Park pier, Metro Park Kultury / Oktyabrskaya, and passes through the very center of the capital, revealing the main sights of the city.

A walk on the ship in Kolomenskoye. Deserves attention, in our opinion, a river walk on a boat in Kolomenskoye. This trip lasts 1 hour with the departure from the pier "Kolomenskoye", the metro station "Kolomenskaya. For a little money, vacationers in the park have an excellent opportunity to ride with children along the river. The route is very popular with families with children.

There are many routes on the ships of various projects. As new passenger ships appear and new interesting routes open, we will immediately post information and you will be able to buy tickets for river walks in Moscow on our website.

Welcome onboard!